What Google’s been upto in seo ?

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I was surfing this website this week and was quite surprised to  see that this bread crumb link  , i clicked on  was actually an advertisement  by Google. I innocently though it was a that websites link to another internal page  and was quite pissed off to think someone fooled me  so easily  and then realised it “Google new breadcrumb link ads” “Wow”. Can they do that ? they can i suppose if its on a website !!

Google’s new Breadcrumb Link Advertisements

Well  the phrase “ can they do that” certainly rang true  earlier in the day, when i took  my daily trip back home  and saw  that girl next to me  gimme that “can he do that” look on the bus . what i w as doing was – happilyguzman gomez perth asian swiping my newly acquired  “Guzman gomez discount   card”  on the bus swiping thingy (instead of my transport bus swipe card)  with the girl behind me  probably muttering this guy must be nuts or he’s expecting a burrito to come out now ..lol. I soon realised my mistake grinned , apologised   and carried on red face out of the bus.

Well the answer to Google’s question  anyway is “yes we can” ( just like bob the builder – google can show us this ads  bread crumbs or arrows ) so here is a screen shot below of the bread crumb links ads ( and yes i like Indian tandoori chicken)

google new bread crumb links ads

Looks like webpro news already knew about this coming  to us . read here….

New arrow ads by google

Another “google ad” that has been appearing recently  as also noticed by pat flyn on his blog here  is “the  new arrow ads by google”

Adsense Arrow

Image from patflyn.com

These recent Adsense ads now display an arrow next to the ad and it almost looks like a nice little arrow button ready  and primed to be clicked in the direction that it is suggesting ( out of my/your site).

I know i haven’t  published much on SEO for a while now so i hope you like this post on something related to seo  as i have promised to publish about SEO  on my about page

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