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Not to sure  about how this is being spread  , but  the way its been spreading  it definitely looks like a “email virus” . First my sis   started spamming me ..  unintentionally offcourse because somebody else was doing  it from her email account.

Email virus spreading

I contacted her immediately to know that she had not sent me that email , soon enough  my other sister would  got infected  and she too started sending me spam emails .


Now the only way  i see it is , she possibly  got infected from the previous email sent  from my other sis hacked account , because that email went to everyone on her list. Now possibly  people clicked on that link in that email  and  got the virus  and  then  the virus continued to attack that person email list  and email everybody else from  this new list.

How to avoid this  email virus ??

Email virus that sends out emails with links

Questions i got asked from  friends !!

1.I was infected by some kind of virus which started sending out emails like crazy.What puzzles me is why I don’t see any sent messages in my MS Outlook ( this could be hotmail or yahoo mail as well)? How is the virus sending email and not using the email program? And is there a way to block the computer from sending email…at least long enough to search for the right tools to fix such a problem?

2. My yahoo email is sending out links that i didnt send (virus?)

Answer: It is not uncommon for these sophisticated virus’ to include their own smtp email program or just login to send messages from your account without any traces. Other reason could be Your pc could very well be seriously infected and even owned by some bot-net.

The three things you need to do

  • First is how to stop the outgoing traffic
  • Second is how to clean up your system.
  • U need to learn how to keep it from happening again

Do this by : Clean your pc with a antivirus , change your password and keep a anitvirus that also scans emails and keeps your browser safe always active on your pc

iF you want to be even more secure or take more precatutions

Immediately change your email password, security questions, and if you have a secondary email account associated with it change that as well.
There are a number of reasons that can explain how your account got hacked:

  1. Your password was easily guessable
  2. You entered your credentials into a phishing site
  3. The website where you had your account had a security breach
  4. Your hacked account used the same password as a different, breached site
  5. There is spyware on your computer

You can tell if your account has been hacked if:

  1. The recipients of the spam-email includes a bunch of people you know
  2. You try to access your account and the password no longer works
  3. You try to access the “Forgot Password” link and it does not go to the expected email
  4. Your Sent Items folder contains a bunch of spammy emails you’re not aware of sending


Someone’s sending emails from my email address! How do I stop them

Don’t click e-mails with suspicious links even if it came from someone you know.( if in doubt email them via another  sms, email or Facebook etc and confirm if they sent that email before clicking the link)

Update the to and from field in your email if  the email is sent to many people , proceed with caution.

Update your browsers

Update your   Anti virus ( if you don’t  have one get the free  AVG antivirus Or Avira free one

Run a a whole pc  antivirus scan if you have a antivirus

If you want some more info on this  check out leo’s Blog  ( thanks leo)

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