| January 26, 2015

[updated 26 January 2015]  I have been a go-daddy customer for many years now  and one of the reasons is they constantly are quite competitive  with other providers and also quite often come up with some ridiculously low price deals like $1.99 domain offers.

But the beauty of my last transaction as  you will see below is  that  you can get really cheap  prices just using  their existing offers, once you are logged in and purchasing domains. You can sign up here.bet online on melbourne cup 2014

$40 for 1 domain ( 2 years term  + 3 Domains 1 year term) from godaddy

To give you an idea of the savings i got , if you take the 1 year term price for 1 domain which you normally get for say $17 a domain , then the four domains ( 5 year terms so 5 x17 = $85 and i got this for $40 )

Here is the snapshot of my order below

go daddy australia no discount coupon

I managed to get  not only  1 Domain for two year term, but also  another extra three domains  for  1year term and all it cost me was $40.03 cents. On a normal day  a domain like this ( without any offer) could cost me  anywhere from $15 to 22 per domain.

I wanted a .com domain , so i searched for a domain after signing into  go daddy and then   got a domain that was available,  i got this domain for the existing offer of $3.99 when i took it for two or more years , so i took it for 2 years and it cost me only $21.98, so roughly that is $10 a year , which is quite cheap.

SO when i got his , go daddy immediately  suggested that there are 3 other similar domains available for whopping  70 % off. I decided to check it out , because you cant ignore a 70 % off offer and so just added it to my cart.

These domains were the . org . net  and .info version of my main purchased .com domain and would come handy for my internet marketing and so i clicked the  add to cart Button.

DID I GET DOMAIN Conned  with a $570 BILL ?

I came to the check out  cart and got a big SHOCK,  my cart showed me something like $570. The i  re-checked and  the domains were defaulted to 5 years terms by godaddy, so make sure you change them to  1year or 2 years term as you prefer.

Because i didn’t take the default  5 year terms on eh  three domains, I lost on some discount, but i still managed to get  a whopping 66% discount on the additional 3 Domains.

So these 3 Domains  got priced at $17 for all three, so i got  each domain for a Dirt cheap price of $5.66 for a year.

Here is the snapshot of the three domains  i got @66% discount

go daddy referral link coupon  for domains cheap aussie

Happy  Domain hunting!!   and if you want  a further  discount go through  my referral link here , which i update  to include the latest deals available on godaddy, so if there is a new deal  going on  on godaddy.com you will get it

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  1. Aron says:

    I have always used godaddy..they have great prices and promo codes all over the interwebs…

  2. Nenad says:

    if you call for support their offices are in Arizona so you always get a live person on the phone that speaks english…

  3. Tun says:

    they did have an outage the other day but it looks like they fixed it and gave us a free month of service on email and hosting…

  4. Bark says:

    GoDaddy is awful service, but beyond that, their positions on SOPA and other internet legislation prove them to be a company I would never, ever work with based on principal alone.

  5. Alen says:

    LOL….register an account just to make this one hype for GoDaddy and no other comments ever…really legit!

  6. Nikole says:

    I never had any problems with godaddy. The price after discounts is reasonable. my dns always updates instantly (well besides the issue they had).

  7. Tony says:

    Why no mention of Google? Only $17/year, and includes free google apps for businesses, which lets you use your domain email via Gmail.

  8. Tom says:

    Google is not really in the business. Sure they will register a domain for you if it relates to their products, but as per Google procedure they offer virtually no support. Name.com has $10 registrations and free google apps, and great service…

  9. Shaila says:

    Google doesn’t host domains as far as I can remember, GoDaddy is there partner in that field.

  10. Paul says:

    So I have a question – do any of these registrars offer protection to their own accounts from DDOS or other…anonymous…attacks?

  11. Nataly says:

    I use cloudflare for that. I don’t use registars DNS so it’s not up to them to protect me from a DDoS anyway and cloudflare is an expert at it.