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| February 6, 2011

Perhaps the media is living in the stone age of maybe (7) or then (9) Years ago. Ask most people today who got a new Smartphone or one of the newer phones and they  will tell you that you dont even need to dial a number anymore  to call a friend or contact on your phone, you just tell the phone “call Adam” or whatever  name the contact is saved on your phone and the phone does it for you.

Infact the technology is so advanced nowadays   that if  you want  to search Google on your phone “you can just tell the phone Vocally  “search restaurant” and it will search a nearby restaurant”

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Local media channels have recently trying to bash the government on its new phone laws for outdated reasons. Under the new changes to australian law , it will be legal to make a call by the driver as long as the motorist is not holding the phone. ( which is fine in many ways because with new technology and blue tooth ,people don’t even have to press the answer button on thier phone or interact with their phone  buttons anymore to  take a call) , ( perhaps the media needs to know how new technology works ).

Under the existing laws it is illegal to make a call from a mobile phone while driving if it involves dialing a phone number. ( this law does not cover taking a call while driving , which is automatic if you have Bluetooth on) nor does this la take into account  the new technology which is getting inbuilt now into new European and possibly Australian cars soon , where you just command your car dashboard to call  your friends mobile number and you car calls your  friend via your mobile phone.

With old laws enforced and the political red tape involved to changing old laws to the current situation, we know how long sometimes it can take for relevant laws to be updated to take into account new technology.

Im glad they have taken a step forward and updated the laws in line with new technology and new smart phones  that allow you to make calls while driving with the most minimum of fuss instead of being stuck with outdated laws while the world has moved forward.

Though on the same note I’m not glad that they have a funny law that does not allow you to touch a phone to use the GPS function , when many phones double up as a full GPS unit nowadays.

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