Australia misses Out on Google Local ad Targeting

| September 12, 2012

Many of SEO’s and Businesses  use Google  location targeting to show your ads in specific geographic locations such as countries, regions, and cities to more precisely reach your potential customers.

Google is now  introducing new geographical targeting  advertising options and tweaking the options  to get more targeted advertising within AdWords and has also released postal code targeting for Canada.

google adwords  location targeting options for your country

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With this new introduction to location targeting AdWords offers location targeting at the postal code, city, metro, or the region level, although targeting at certain levels isn’t available in some countries.

Australia misses out on postal code and DMA Adwords Location targeting

Though Australia missed out on the postal code targeting, as you can see in the pic above,  Australia has location targeting by city and region, which is still good because if you are advertising a local business that is not online only for Sydney  then they can target only the Sydney city, and if a company is seeking local customers from the whole of WA region  they can target only the WA region in their ad words campaign

Canada has got more specific option for targeted advertising with Google introducing the ability to target by Canadian Postal Code FSAs(Forward Sortation Area), the first three digits of the postal code, which correspond to a certain geographic area.

AdWords will now have city and regional targeting capabilities in 9 new countries.

Areas where Google Adwords City and regional targeting is in effect now

Belgium (city)

Taiwan (city)

Vietnam (city)

Bulgaria (region & city)

Denmark (city)

India (city)

Ireland (city)

Romania (region & city)

Sweden (region & city)

AdWords Gets ZIP Code Targeting

ADVERTISERS can also show their nearest location and phone number along with a search ads in these 6 countries







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