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| December 28, 2010

Makingmoney with your blog is not easy  and a fundamental thing  for making money on your blog is  readers or eyeballs to your blogs. Rss subscriptions , feed readers ,email subscriptions can certainly  portray the value  of your blog and its worth.

Look at any successful blogger and  he is sure to have  a good rss feed subscriber count or email count or then most importantly  a very high user count for his blog.  Many bloggers new to the scene fake the  user counts or then subscribers just to increase thier value of thier blog , but most of the time  these sort of tactics don’t work in the long run.

subscribe by email registrations users

Getting new subscribers like subscriptions on red bull

Recently  by accident  i realized how my  subscriber count to one of my blogs  started getting hit  with user registrations like it was on powerade or  red bull or something. This blog started to  get user registrations via the word press user registration button. All that it took to get my user registrations count from like 3 in a week to atleast  average 5 to 10 in  day regularly past the last 4 weeks now. Now i know that this is not  massive numbers  but considering the  not so massive hits that this blog gets its a very good conversion rate. Besides , what i am trying to focus on here is “ How you can increase your blog subscribers” .  I am sure  if you have a bigger blog  with bigger  number of hits  the ratio will do your blog   some good and come out with a nice registration ratio.

After analyzing the page  i realized it could be only one thing  “the post that i had posted as a featured post on the page”. I have not removed the featured post from the blog for the past 3 weeks due to my user subscriber count increasing. The post is an article on  the worlds fastest  car debuting on the Indian market and the post is in  a Indian stock market / Business blog ( blog not disclosed  due to obvious reasons). The post contained  high resolution photos of the bugatti veyron  and gave a good article on the car  as well as a very brief message to traders in  the market. Well the subscriber count has just been pouring in since then. As the content of the post regarding stock market was minimal  and the photos was the attraction of the post ,i would assume the  registration user count for the blog increased because of these photos  , as nothing else has changed in the blog.  The subscribe to button is placed right next to the first glossy photo ( on the left of it ) for people to subscribe to the blog by email.

This certainly goes to prove  that people can certainly  be attracted to register as a user to a blog  just based on good visuals and nice placement of  pics on the blog targeting the right audience with the right pics.

increase your email subscriber count

Image of the new subscribers  that have been pouring into my email account  since the change in the blog  post.

New subscribers  rss feed etc

Now also to keep in mind  that the  users that would frequent this blog would mostly be  stock traders or then people in the finance industry who are either quite well off or then  have some nice spending money and when you have a million dollar pics of the worlds fastest car , they  sure can be tempted  to hit the subscribe button  just to get informed of more nice eye candy like this just in case the blog has more similar stuff being posted soon.

Hope you learned something from this  and have a go at increasing your subscriber count. Would appreciate any feedback from experiences you have had doing this.  Good luck !!

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