Mobile Broadband Speeds | How Much Speed Does Mobile Internet Deliver?

| June 26, 2014

smartphone mobile speedsWith the world on fire for mobile broadband technologies, everyone is wondering just how much speed mobile broadband services really deliver. Mobile Internet connectivity makes our lives easier. We can stay constantly connected, ensuring that we miss nothing in the way of business communications, payments, customer service, or even just receiving that much-awaited Facebook update, you can learn more here.

The point is that we demand to be wired, preferably at all times. But we wonder if mobile broadband technologies are developed enough at this point to provide a fluent and dependable Internet experience.

The answer is YES!

Mobile broadband internet connectivity is no longer a thing of imagination and wishing. It exists, and provides excellent speeds, especially for those in prime locations. Generally speaking, the larger the city you are in, the better broadband connectivity you will receive. It’s also important to distinguish between mobile Internet and Wi-Fi. If you are using the free Wi-Fi at Starbucks, that’s not the same as using your broadband hotspot connection device.

In the past few years, mobile internet connection services have begun to drop in price. That’s directly due to the fact that on-the-go Internet is an awesome technology that almost everyone has a demand for. Even for the casual surfer who just watches a few videos here and there, and maybe checks her email every couple days, mobile broadband connectivity is desirable. Why should be restricted as to where we can access our online lives?

Mobile broadband connectivity has become so heavily demanded in fact, that it is beginning to be a common replacement for cable, DSL and satellite Internet providers. It costs less, and more and more of us are graduating to tablets and other mobile devices instead of our traditional, heavy, cumbersome, laptops.

Mobile broadband Internet vs. Cable & DSL

If you are a heavy web surfer that loves to burn data, then it’s still going to better for you to go with a traditional ISP like Comcast, Time-Warner or Direct TV. The data plans for heavy users in the mobile realm can get astronomical. This is especially true for teen users who still have no concept of what it takes to pay those large usage bills every month.

If you surf heavy, then use a home-based Internet service for the majority of your online adventures. Save your mobile broadband data for staying touch via email, Facebook and the like. Stream videos, play games and other high-data activities at home.

If you do decide to go with a mobile Internet service provider, consider the following tips to choose the best for your needs:

If you are a frequent traveler, then research the coverage areas of major providers like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. The business moguls have incredible R&D budgets and will most likely blow away the coverage limits and areas of smaller, less reputable providers.

Consider how much monthly data you actually go through. There’s no sense in buying a plan that is more than you will user – and it’s very frustrating to always have to be counting every megabyte if you don’t buy enough. If you are a heavy gamer, then you should choose a plan with at least 6GB/month. On the other hand, if you just want broadband Internet to be able to stay in touch on email and social networks, then you will probably only need a Gigabyte or 2 per month. Experimentation will show you more specifically what you need – and almost all plans are able to expand at any time you want or need to.

There are very few surprises ventured from major mobile ISPs. They tell you exactly what you are in for in terms of costs and fees. You just have to read through those user agreements that everyone blindly clicks "Accept" on. If you want to develop a clear understanding of what you will be paying, just read that fine print!

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