3 Ways to Secure Your Company Accounts

| October 20, 2016

security for 2016 computersAccounts of companies, especially big-budget ones, getting hacked, are all over the news. That’s why you can never take your company’s security for granted. The minute you do is all the invitation criminal elements need to come out and play. Here are three ways you could keep your company accounts safe and protected from hackers and leaks.


These audits help protect your interests, says the Business News Daily. An audit can turn up any suspicious activity involving your assets. That way, they can launch an investigation to find out what the root cause of the problem or issue is. Simply got your account code wrong? They can fix that easily enough so you won’t have to. With regular audits, you can ensure your data is accurate and that you’re keeping your accounts well away from hackers.

Go on the cloud

More and more companies are putting their trust—and information—on the cloud. So should you. As cloud storage becomes the go-to option for many businesses—it’s easy to scale and a much more cost-effective option than upgrading tons of costly hardware—moving your information to the cloud is going to happen sooner rather than later. By doing it now, you can stay competitive with the rest of the companies doing the same thing, count on the same advantages and pass on those advantages, those cost-savings, to your customers. So don’t get left behind. Make sure your company knows how leverage current technologies to help you keep your data secure.

Encrypt and back it up

Don’t forget to have your data encrypted. That helps keep anyone out of your data. There are plenty of programs you can check out for this so look them up. Make sure you know how to protect your data well within the legal limits so you won’t have to worry about compliancy issues that could put your team and company in hot water. With encrypted video communications like BlueJeans—one of the leaders in video solutions—you can easily keep your data secure and out of reach. Also, make sure you back up every important piece of information. This way, even if a device is lost or gets compromised, your data would be safe. Just make sure you create a backup on a different device. That way, you can easily access any data or information you need.

Other important tips

security for small business against hackers

While those three tips are essential to keeping your data safe, here are other tips you might find handy as well:

· Get an anti-malware. This is a must for every security system. An effective anti-malware will keep sneaky scammers out of your system. No need to worry about your emails picking up an infection at some point and compromising your entire system.

· Make your hard drives unreadable. If there are any old data or information you don’t need, you can have all those disks shredded. Destroy old backups. That way, no one would ever have a chance to access any old data from your company’s old hard drives.

· Use a password. This might seem like a cliché but it’s the first step to ensuring your system is protected. So take that extra step. Lock your network with a password. This will make it more secure so you can easily work without any worries. However, in a bid to make sure it’s even more secure, go for passphrases instead of just single-word passwords. That gives another layer of difficulty for scammers in order help keep them out of your system. Also, don’t forget to regularly change your passphrases. This will make it even more difficult for scammers to get into your system and get up to some trouble.

· Use a firewall. This is a must-have for your online security, says the Entrepreneur. Firewalls block out dangerous programs along with viruses and spyware before they get into your network and wreak havoc in your system. However, make sure you’re setting up your communication infrastructure inside your firewall and not outside of it. The best one won’t be able to do anything if you set it up outside. Also, scammers and hackers will find it pretty easy to infiltrate your system. So don’t fall for that mistake. Be sure you’re setting it up inside your firewall.

· Always check the privacy settings. Any time you download or install a new program or software update, never fail to check out the privacy settings for each one. That way, you know what you and your team have to work with. This also helps you set any changes or adjust your setting in any way you want so you get the best results possible.

These are just some tips on how you could keep your company’s data safe. So if you want your data safe, start by putting these tips to good use.

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