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| May 3, 2011

With the continuing  expansion on “banking online” for individuals  and businesses as well as the growth on online buying with your credit card and paypal it  is becoming more and more important to secure your pc from the intruders waiting to get all that information stored on your pc.

Most Computers at home or your business contain  personal information and financial data and passwords which in the wrong  hands can ruin your daily life and give you a shock. It is becoming more important to  know how these hackers hack you computer and  what porst they are targeting.

Hackers favorite entry points into your computer

Below is a some of the main ports that hackers frequently use to get into your system. if you are using a nice  firewall system or then a Anti virus program  you have already minimized the risk.

hacker target ports on your computer1


Firewalls and antivirus – Good protection to minimize risk

Here is a graph below of threat shown graphically “the most used ports used by hackers” to hack into your pc. Most of these ports are used by most computers to run basic services on your computer but some of them can be permanently blocked by your windows  security setting or then  your firewall settings

hacker target ports on your computer

As you can see in above Microsoft Ds (port 445) and telnet (port 23) are among the favorite target of hackers  to try compromise you pc . Most good firewalls protect your pc by blocking access to these ports or not allowing unauthorized people from seeing the status of these ports, which diminishes the possibility of getting compromised.

Do online banking and credit card buying safely with software


If you don’t have a good firewall  or antivirus or expired antivirus ,you might wanna check out Norton internet security 2011 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 or then you can also try out the AVG Free antivirus on their website but the paid version ( AVG ANTI VIRUS )always give you more security. Most of these software’s come with  both the antivirus and the firewall in one package so you don’t need to get them separately

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