Secure Internet Gateways: what are they and how do they work?

| April 11, 2013

While the Internet has become invaluable in today’s modern world, it is also a place that is rife with risks and dangers. So, how can individuals and businesses protect themselves against the dangers of going online?

Both businesses and individuals these days spend more and more time online, with the internet and advanced technology enhancing both personal and business lives in many ways. However, the internet is also a place where danger can lurk in many different guises, which is why it is vital for individuals and businesses to take measures that can protect them from these dangers with solutions.

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What is a Secure Internet Gateway?

With an ever increasing number of people going online it comes as no surprise that the amount of crime that now takes place online is also increasing. Even though for most business or agency websites there are often a huge number of genuine users accessing their systems every day there is also a considerable number of people that are trying to access the site either to defraud or shut down the website. This can take the form of malware, spam, DDOS (Distributed Denial of service), Trojan and now also Phishing and bots through social media sites, all designed to gain access to your site maliciously.

All of these dangers are global in nature and these threats are big…and are just getting bigger. For this reason websites need some form of protection from these attacks, and that is where a Secure Internet Gateway comes in.

A Secure Internet Gateway is essentially a secure connection to the internet that help protect any networks, websites and company IT systems from external attacks or cyberthreats as they are more commonly known. This Secure Internet Gateway is designed to allow in any genuine users wanting access to a website whilst preventing those that are seen as a threat from gaining access.

How does a Secure Internet Gateway work?

To provide businesses and government agencies with the highest levels of security when allowing users access to their websites Secure Internet Gateways provide a number of core methods to prevent unwanted threats from attacking their sites. These include:

· 24/7 threat analysis 365 days a year to ensure nothing can get through the Secure Internet Gateway without first being checked

· Security checks made on every users accessing a site and then compared against a list of key possible risks

· The use of necessary counter-measures to effectively combat any kind of threat trying to gain access to the website ensuring that a site remains secure at all times

Although there are a huge number of unique threats out there, most providers of Secure Internet Gateways reduce this number to a much smaller number of general threats. This means that all security checks are carried out in the smallest amount of time possible so that users don’t have to wait long periods before being able to access the site.

New legislation released by various governments around the world is ensuring that many government agencies are now working to strict guidelines when using Secure Internet Gateways to ensure that these sites are more secure than they have ever been before.

For more information on Secure Internet Gateways, take a look at this video:


Author bio: Phil Bryan is a trainee lawyer who is aiming to specialise in family law. He has worked in many fields in the past, including a data centre similar to Macquarie Telecom.

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