How new technology is being used in smartphone betting

| April 3, 2017

featured-phone of william hillSmartphone betting has slowly become one of the favourite ways to place bets not only in Australia, but in the rest of the world. The new phones which are almost like a mini pc can do about anything that a desktop pc can do today. Of course, this aspect of entertainment isn´t free of possible breaches or hacking attempts. This is sometimes bolstered with security if you tend to bet outside of the main betting homes of the World Wide Web. Many of the apps designed by the betting sites have extra security measures, just because of the nature of the transactions.

We are talking money here, in terms of online piracy, you might be lucky one or two times, but eventually you will suffer a hack, loosing perhaps your salary and having the cops investigating your phone for days. So it’s best to keep it safe at all times and not spoiling the fun. Your phone has integrated defences measures, where the official apps build the foundation for a stronger security of their apps. So when you are betting online via apps, you need to know that your money is in good hands.

Big houses like William Hill already developed their mobile software and have been testing it for quite some time now. They normally build such applications not to just be easy to bet, but also from a security point of view. If you have a loss from fraud or bad apps, their betting platform can also get affected. If you are interested in checking out their new app or placing a few bucks, there are betting promotions for Grand National 2017 on their website currently. The race will taking place on Saturday 8th April this year.

If you want to bolster your phone security apart from what they already integrate into their apps , there´s some professional antivirus that include a free mobile key with your P.C. protection with many popular security software’s today like Norton, AVG and bit defender who have online smartphone versions as well.

It never too less when it comes to online security and it helps in protecting not only your betting but also you banking transactions. Many new online providers now have all types of betting available to bet on from their smartphone apps and it’s sometimes even easier to do so on the smartphone rather than a desktop, due to the slick and easy interface created for smartphones.

The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life – Andrew Brown

Consumer Reports found that only 36 percent of the smartphone users have set a 4-digit PIN to lock their phone.

Here is also four steps you can take while keeping your smartphone and betting online safe

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· Install tracking software that can find your phone if it’s lost

· Get extra protection with an antivirus app for your smartphone

· Use a password PIN longer than 4 digits, a password or unlock pattern

· Install software that can erase the data on the phone remotely if lost

· Use security features other than screen lock, such as encryption or fingerprint or face recognition

In Australia most online betting punters have upgraded to smart apps phone betting to make it easier to bet online vie their phones for popular racing events like the “Melbourne Cup” , “Ashes Cricket Tournament” “Premier League matches” and the Local “Footy Season Matches”. Betting has come a long way from just walking into your nearest tab outlet to place a bet. Now a large number of bets are placed online and bets via smartphones is also growing in popularity.

It’s always best to get extra protection when you use your smartphone for online banking or betting. And getting and antivirus or smartphone security is a great recommendation especially if you want to bet anywhere in the world. Most of the public connections, such as airports, bus stations, pubs, etc., are suspicious locations “ports” to get into your computer. You need extra security on your smartphone not only for browsing internet, betting online but also for your calls , banking and checking online news.

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  1. Muzahid Islam says:

    Smartphones are probably the best things that ever happened to mobile technology and smartphone betting has revolutionized every betting experience.

  2. Marium Bushra says:

    Mobile betting is the future of online gambling, especially for those who enjoy risking their hard-earned cash on competitions.

  3. Tanvir Ahmed says:

    One of the most significant changes to the gambling environment in the past 15 years has been the increased availability of interactive or Internet gambling. Mobile betting, that is gambling online through smartphones, mobiles, tablets, and other wireless devices, has been a major contributor to the growth of gambling.

  4. Emelia Paige says:

    According to Australian Gambling Research Center Most online gambling occurs on home computers, but the popularity of mobile technologies is increasing, allowing Australians to gamble at any time, from any place. Improvement of mobile technology makes it easy.