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  1. Depending on what the actual use for it is, it might be better to either install your own in the cloud, or to run one from either your router or a Raspberry Pi on your local network.

    If it’s for streaming services available to other countries, those companies all go to quite some effort to blacklist known VPN providers. Which is why installing your own on the right VPS can be a lot less hassle in the long run.

    OTOH if you just want to encrypt your internet traffic while you’re traveling and relying on public wi-fi, then hosting your own locally gives you a VPN tunnel to a trusted location, plus you get to access your local network from all over the world too 🙂

    Though I’m sure there are definitely other use cases where a third-party service is better.

    • Hi james

      Most people would not have the time or skills or tech know how to install their own VPN and so VPN services are becoming quite popular nowdays
      Nice point you made tho, I will look into this ,even though I have a VPN provider


  2. interesting list, some of them I see for the first time. I tried a few services but for Australia, nordvpn for me works best.

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