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When The Buggles sang video killed the radiostar in 1979.. they were singing about TV which was the newest invention and  technology  breakthrough buzz at that time.


Technology has just been smashing its own invention barriers since then, with new ground breaking technology being introduced almost every year since then.

Smartphones and Tablets  and even smart wristwatches now are already replacing desktops and laptops, well almost anyway. Radio still carries on… but now via other new mediums, like Spotify and Itunes which brings songs directly to you anywhere via internet streaming.

Well TV has not been left behind..With people being able to watch – What they want ,when they want -on demand through their internet connection on their internet connected Smart TV or even on their mobile phone, tablet and wristwatch.

Technology will keep changing, but rest assured you can count on digital grog to cover it. news from digital blog covered

influencer website

You can check out below about my blog, but I think Elly Glendenning  from influencing.com has done a better job writing  about me  on their website Influencing.com over here.



Digital Grog has been featured  in popular US journal Huffington Post among other notable blog links like Forbes and Wikipedia and Australian  company Melbourne IT.

digital grog on huffington post

Where we at with DigitalGrog ?

I checked  Google today  and was chuffed to see my blog ranking at no.3 (update – current no#1 Aug 9th 2016) for the term “Tech Blogs Australia” just under the big tech websites like  www.cnet.com.au and www.gizmodo.com.au, this will probably not last , but Google has definitely liked our blog well enough to place digital grog with such exciting  top rank listings.

Snapshot below for posterity.

top ranking for technology blog

Why the blog name , why the blog domain

This blog domain –> www.digitalgrog.com.au has gone through  a few domain name changes before,so if you see some remnants of this old blog URL  and references, my apologies on not tidying up properly. I have  finally updated my blog domain to redirect to –> www.digitalgrog.com.au – Permanently today 26/12/2012.” phew”

I decided I need a Aussie domain to reflect that my blog is essentially Australian covering Australian relevant content, So I decided to get an AU specific domain name and decided on digitalgrog.com.au, So welcome to my blog.

Why I opted for a  .com.au  from a  .com  blog , Click here for detailed comparisons  to read more.

review of apps australia

I also occasionally review and write  about the latest app’s and technology   which are trending and popular for Tablets , Smartphones and PC users.

compressed sheldon singh Jj

I  author this blog and have a passion  for the latest technology, gadgets blogging  and online marketing and SEO . If I am not checking out the latest gadgets  and  splurging my precious money on them , then I am possibly  researching/comparing  them on-line  and writing an article or review on them.

I also do a bit  bit of  investing or trading  in the Australian stock market  and follow the Australian finance  news and updates ( that is – when i am not mucking around with the latest gadgets and electronics)  and so you might find I  do also write articles  for various different blog’s  and websites about finance  and technology when I can afford the time.

I dabble a bit in Internet Marketing and so you will find  I write articles on this topic as well,   when I am not writing about interesting gadgets and wordpress blog building tips and tutorials .

If you want  me to write a  article, a review  for a gadget  or a website for you (for a fee off course), please contact me via the contact button on the blog  ( or send me a mail directly – email on profile bio in front page) or then visit me on Google +.


 My article’s have been featured on 

    1. The 3 Steps to Setting Up a Popular and Successful Blog @about technology blog australia
    2. Significant investor visa for China 888
      australia Business news blog

3. Bloggerconnect.com.au

4. http://influencing.com/au/story/blogwatch-digital-grog

5. http://blog.commander.com/12-tech-blogs-to-read/

6. Featured on top software website – Audials.com


Also check out some Interesting posts on my blog below :

Demographics of  Digital grog Blog Audience

The demographics of my blog readers cover a wide range from audience in IT like blogging , Tech and SEO and Website creation and related topics to others looking for tips or how to’s  on anything tech related, from adults to teenagers.

Blog Traffic Stats (please note that sometimes stats change faster than I can update)

  • Page Loads: approx. 20,000 per month
  • Unique Visitors: 12,800 per month
  • Facebook Fans: 1211
  • Google +:  279
  • Pinterest: 181 shares
  • RSS Subscribers: 523
  • Email Subscribers: 523
  • Twitter Followers: 1601
  • Instagram:662
  • Alexa Rating: 23,070 Ranking In Australia
Country Percent of Visitors Rank in Country
Australia Flag  Australia 38.8% 23,070
United States Flag  United States 8.3% 688,888
India Flag  India 5.5% 317,990


Digitalgrog.com.au  Ad Options:

  • 125 x 125 ad in sidebar: $40/month. Get an $50 discount if booking for 1 year!
  • 728 x 90 ad on homepage: $75/month above the fold. The existing ad network ad will be replaced with your graphic.
  • Text links in sidebar$25/month
  • Guest Posts (written by you): Negotiable

You might  also want to check out my resources page  where I list all the services I used to create this blog and tools/resources I use to promote this blog.


What Alexa ( the internet popularity measuring robot) thinks of me

I got to know alexa from a while ago  and here is what alexa thinks of me!

Global Rank 

Global rank icon722,080  504,75054,960

Not bad huh! 

  GO TO MY BLOG –> Link 

I love gadgets and tech and these are some of  the things on my current wishlist.





AUKEY Dash Cam Recorder LCD and Night Vision


Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch


Digitalgrog.com.au is a affiliate partner to most of the Hosting services and some other blog related promotion services that I have listed here on my blog and I use, which means that in addition to using their service, we also receive a commission for referring new customers. To be fair, though, we still use these services even if we weren’t an affiliate. We don’t recommend any particular host just because we’re an affiliate (every hosting company offers a similar affiliate program); we recommend certain Hosting companies because they are the best, most reliable option. Plus, because we’re a partner, these providers offers a special price for Digitalgrog readers. Get your hosting today.


James Bond Gadgets in Risus from Berin Kinsman’s Dire Blog ” rpg (berinkinsman.wordpress.com)

Google’s Blogger adds Gadgets to Dynamic Views (asktheblogster.blogspot.com)

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