The benefits of hydrophobic materials

| April 4, 2012

The word ‘hydrophobia’ derives from Greek and means an aversion or phobia to water or hydros’.

Latest hydrophobic developments

Increasingly, the world of technology has focused its attention on how to improve the durability and hydrophobic nature of mobile phones. It is all very well having a gadget that can enhance communication with the world, but if it is dropped into a sink full of water and does not work as a result of this experience, then the brand new shiny smartphone can become redundant and an expensive replacement might have to be bought.

hydrophobic liquipel iphone 5

‘liquipel’  In Iphone 5

Recent discoveries and technological innovations have made great strides forward in the development of a truly hydrophobic coating that can produce a water resistant mobile phone. The new Apple iPhone 5 is to be coated with ‘liquipel’ a substance that has only recently been developed and is showing remarkable water resistant results, iPhone’s reputation has previously suffered as a result of the technology under-performing in humid environments and as a result, Apple is investing heavily in the latest hydrophobic developments.

Anyone who uses Crazy Coupons to invest in their telephony needs will be pleased to learn that most of the major smartphone manufacturers are investing in water resistant technology. Samsung has recently announced that its new phones will feature a ‘superhydrophobic’ coating developed by HzO and the race is now on for all future smartphone handsets to be water resistant. The technology is similar to that used in the clothing industry, which allows water to roll off outdoor and rainproof clothing. The phone industry has also developed a new coating that literally ‘repels’ water, so that the phone should not be damaged should it become immersed in water.

In order to make the phones waterproof the chemical coating is spread onto both the inside and outside of the device’s body. Liquipel claims that their coating will protect the entire phone with a vapor that originates from the surface of the sun and offer a coating service that can be applied to all smartphones for a modest fee. HzO, the producers of ‘Water Block’ shields the phone from the inside, ensuring that all the components are covered. Another company that is developing coating technology is Ross Nanotechnologies. This firm has developed a material that repels ice, bacteria corrosion and water. At a recent trade show, Ross was able to demonstrate the properties of its discovery by leaving an iPhone, coated with their ‘Never Wet’ invention, entirely submerged in water for thirty minutes. The company then revealed that the phone was working perfectly following its extended immersion.

Consumer reaction on customer forums and blogs suggest that, unsurprisingly, all smartphone users would welcome these innovations. Nokia and Motorola have also invested in the new hydrophobic technology – in fact the current Motorola Defy brand of rugged phone promises consumers that it is waterproof.

In order to identify whether a phone or any other gadget is hydrophobic the products will come with an IP validation, the ‘IP86’; this certificate is an easy way for consumers to rest assured that their new purchase is, indeed, waterproof.

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  1. Jim Lentz says:

    Are any of the companies that are in the coating of electronic products simply licensees of Ross Technologies “Neverwet” product, or are they different and covered under other patents?

  2. Jim Lentz says:

    Also, why don’t the makers of these products simply license it from Ross and skip the middleman?