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| April 11, 2017

BEST logo 2017

If you are looking for a cheap logo design online or pretty much 100 of services that can be done for just a fiverr, then I can point you in the right direction. I have been using this website that provides freelancer services in the forms of gigs, for quite some time now and I am absolutely wrapped by what you can get done there for a measly $5.

# My review of Logos’s From

While people pay anywhere from $50 to $1000 for a high end custom logo or average logo design, I was able to get one for cheap as chips. I use fiverr for not only logo design services, but have used them for audit of my websites, editing videos , creating videos, creating business cards, fixing code in my websites , advertising and promo testimonial video for my services , SEO services and many more.

I remember the last time I had a problem with one of my website creating coding errors , I managed to get a girl from cuba who fixed it up in 1 day for just five dollars. They are jobs that can be done for just 5 bucks in any niche and category.

# The best cheap logo freelance design services for just $5

I am writing this review to show you my short journey in sourcing some amazing logo designs at a an affordable price for this website and also some other ones. I have tried some slog services earlier in this website , but got medium to average results, but this time I was awestruck with the quality I got for just five dollars.

I was so pleased with these three logo design service providers that I decided to do a review on them and promote them, so that you can also benefit from it.

The brief that I gave these 3 Logo makers was:

· Make a nice colourful logo with my website name “ start A website”

· And to put in llama in the logo if they can.

While I was told that this could be extra charge for a mascot inclusion, they still did a logo for me within 5 dollars, so I am not too sure if you would get the same deal if you order from them. But I am sure they can do an amazing logo even without a mascot.

Mention this blogpost (jeff) and see if they can include a mascot for you, but I can’t guarantee any discounts. You will need to register with to start buying any services for five bucks, it’s easy to join and sign up is done in a minute, Join Fiverr Here!

So the results, all of them were professional in asking if I had any special requirements and then proceeded to do the website logo. They got back to me within 2 days which was quite quick I think.

Here are the results of their services and also link to the provider’s fiverr gigs

I am not related or friends to any of the above logo providers and got in touch with them for the first time after reading about their services/recommendation in a facebook group. As you can see for $5 this was an amazing result. I had decided to not use the logo if the logo looked average , but now I have to decide from them three, which one should I use – as they all three are equally brilliant.

I gave the same website  logo  to make to 3 providers , so there are 3 logos and one  digital grog and coupon collector logo i got later.

Here is proof of some logos I got done  for just a fiverr or 5 dollars

The logos were delivered as transparent png , so it takes on the color background of the page and this one is dark grey so it shows that background color, but if your page is white it will show against a white background. click the website links to see how the logos look on their respective pages

# The start a website logo

This website is all about building websites and related topics – so I  wanted an image that would stand out and showcase some text as well.

I got two +1  logos for this one

1st logo


I loved this one  made by Alfred Grover , his logo gig is over here. As I told you –  you will need to register  with Fiverr before you order any gigs and you can do that here via this link – Register.

I chose this logo above to use from the  three providers that i asked to make a logo for this same website.The other two are below

alfred grover logomaker

They  providers normally charge another $5  fee if you want the source file. The source file enables you to edit the logo with Photoshop or other image software, but you can still edit the  logo image with your available software.

2nd logo


Above logo was done by kanishka, here logo gig is listed here. This was an amazing result, you can click that link to order a logo from her.

kanishka logocreator

It was a tough choice. I used the first logo. check out the website here –

I also got another logo from one of the logo providers  for start a website as part of this test  and that was an amazing logo  too.

3rd logo

This one was good too and unique in design, but not as striking  and colourful as the others. I could not find the provider for this one in my fiverr  history, but when i do i will update the details here,

If you got $15  to spend  I suggest  you give all the three logo  suppliers a  go as I did in this test and you can choose from the three different logos and use the rest two  for your own purposes.

# The Coupon collector logo

This logo I wanted it to represent discounts and coupons and stand out  with a design involving coupons and color to make a website brand stand out.

logo coupon collector497 x122 pxls

Check it out on the website here –

Takitchilan fiverr

I could not ask for anything better for a  five dollars , … Takitchilan did a good job , you can order a logo from him through  the link here

# The digital grog logo

My this website is all about technology, wordpress tips, gadgets and local reviews of websites and products- so I  wanted the logo to reflect this


I was a tad bit disappointed  with my own blog website logo ( Alfred Glover) , so decided to not use this for now and just use it  for branding in other vids docs etc. You can browse more Logo providers on fiverr here.

I would appreciate a little help, so let me know which one you like in the comments below, so that I can make my decision

I truly think he job done was of quality and professional. They say – A logo says a thousand words !

These design services can definitely help you if

· You’re looking for a logo for your website

· You need a logo for your company or business or letterhead

· You need a logo or design for your visiting /business card

If you have found anyone worthy in your quest for nice cheap and amazing logo , do let me know via the contact me page or in comments below and I will add them here after checking them out .

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services.

As says: The Things People Do for $5. Buy. Sell. Have Fun. Start here Now!

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Do let me know if this article benefitted you and how was your experience with fiverr. Happy Holidays!!

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