Monitor Your Employee Activities Using Mobile Spy Technology

| July 20, 2012

Are you inquisitive to know what your employees are doing during office hours? Well, the only reason for this can be your doubt on those employees who tend to waste time by casually chatting with friends, or passing private information about the company to others through e-mails. In that case, if you really want to find out whether your doubt is valid or not, the only way to do so is to spy on the concerned employee’s mobile phone that has been probably allotted by your own company. Well, the good news is that you can do so to find out what your suspected employee does during office hours, without his or her knowledge. Interestingly, you can read the exact message and e-mail text that your employee has just sent as well as the number that she or he has dialled.

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This is the Magic of Mobile Spy Technology!

Yes! The mobile world has been blessed by the boon of mobile spy technology. This is the next generation technology that can make an employer a secret detective agent to remotely keep an eye on the phone activities of the employer no matter where she or he is! With this eye, the employer not only comes to know what the employee was doing during the office hours of the day, but also comes to know where the employee was! Apart from that, the employer can even secretly listen to live calls through Internet!

The Working of the Mobile Spy Technology Occurs Invisibly

The best part of the technology is that it enables you to spy on the concerned mobile phone without letting the user know about it. There are many mobile spying apps that harness this technology to work on different mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, and Blackberry. Some of the most preferred apps are Mobile Spy, Spyera, Phone Sheriff, and StealthGenie. Once you download and install the most appropriate app on the concerned employee’s phone, it begins to work in a stealth mode in the background to track and log:


● Incoming and outgoing calls and SMSs even if they are wiped off

● Inbound and outbound e-mails even if they are wiped off

● Messenger chats

● Chats and posts made on social networking sites

● Visited sites and bookmarks

● GPS location at every fixed intervals

● Viewed photos and videos

● Installed apps accessed such as memos and to-do list manager

Apart from its invisible functioning, another highlighting feature is its independent functionality. This means that it does not depend on the phone logs. Rather it saves all the activities by its own as soon as they take place. This is the reason why it can even track and log the deleted calls, SMSs, or e-mails.

Once the installed mobile spying app creates the logs of all the activities happened on the phone, it uploads them to a distant server on the Internet through an encrypted medium of transmission. Just after an hour of installation, these logs are made available to your online account that you had created on the app’s official site before downloading it. Usually, at regular intervals, the logs of latest activities are created as well as uploaded to the destined server.

In this way, you can monitor the employee activities using the mobile spy technology.

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  1. Christian says:

    Where do I start? This cabability to bug a cell telephone is amazing using this software but the privacy concerns are serious.

    I think that the bottom line is based on your situation. I may ponificate about privacy until my sixteen-year-old was hanging with the wrong crowd.