Curiosity with the Top 5 MARS /Moon riders or Space Invaders

| September 10, 2012

These four wheel drives are not your average petrol guzzling kind , but are kind off elite and take on special terrain surfaces like mars and the moon. Since curiosity  landed on mars  there is abuzz around  these crazy techo wizz vehicles that can do more than pull out rabbit from hats.

Check out some cool SPACE AGE  Four wheel drives Winking smile

Curiosity’s  Navcams will begin taking one-megapixel stereo pictures 360 degrees around the rover. These cameras have medium-angle, 45-degree fields of views and could resolve the equivalent of a golf ball lying 82 feet (25 meters) away. T

The cameras on these bad boy can take color pictures and even 3D video

You see that Box attached on top behind the cam , it  can use its laser to burn holes real quick  upto a depth of  25 feet to identify chemical properties

cameras on NASA's Curiosity rover


Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory Launch

Spacecraft: Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity Rover
Launch Vehicle: United Launch Alliance Atlas V
Launch Site: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Launch Pad: Space Launch Complex 41
Launch Date: Nov. 26, 2011
Launch Time: 10:02 a.m. EST


BUDGET:2.5 Billion

DISTANCE TRAVELLED: 566 Million KMS and counting


Chinese mars Rover prototype

Chinese researchers from Shanghai institute unveiled a prototype lunar rover which is in the ruinning to be selected by China’s space authority for the country’s first moon mission in 2012


The robot is designed to move much faster than NASA’s robots as it is capable of traveling 100 meters in one hour. China and the U.S. are in a race to put a man on the Moon after 2015

Lama Russian Marsokhod Rover

lama russian marsokhod rover

Lama is a Marsokhod rover built by VNII Transmach in St Petersburg, Russia. It was bought by Alcatel Space Industries in 1995, and has been lent to LAAS in 1996.

Its got a few modifications since with AC/DC converters box that feed the motors and instruments or charges the batteries located inside the wheels. A fiber-optic gyrometer replaces the compass, and a differential carrier-phase GPS.

NASA’s Lunar Chariot

NASA’s Lunar Chariot, which costs a reported $2 million to build but a  top speed of only 15 mph.

NASA Lunar Chariot

View images of the lunar truck.
View video of the lunar truck. Windows Media | Real Player

Other than these spiffy rovers and moon riders  there have been few others that have been developed  and also a few  still being developed or modified which  includes  the”JPL Blue Rover prototype 1987 Moon Mars”

Blue Rover (circa 1987) - The JPL Blue Rover, originally a lunar rover prototype, was used for Mars rover technology development in the late 1980's.


and the “SOVIET Lunokhod-1 Moon Rover” as below

Lunokhod 1 (high resolution).jpg


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