Buddy press and wordpress Multi user – Part 2

| June 19, 2010

Well if you are looking for part 1 its here  – Part 1 Buddypress and WPMU

Getting to know WordPress multi user and Buddy press

Part 1 talked about  the basics  features and differences between these  two blogging softwares  ( WORDPRESS MULTI USER AND BUDDY PRESS )as i  try and get more familiar with them. i  installed the wpmu and did everything  right  thanks to hese 2 links on You tube .


Installing WPMU or wordpress multi User  tutorials  on you tube


Installing WordPress MU (WPMU) Part 1

Installing WordPress MU (WPMU) Part 2 ( the guy plugs hostgator  , but the tutorials arte pretty good  and actually works ..pls do everything in sequence as mentioned for it to work in the first go )

So everything was installed beautifully , then  i created my first blog  from within the admin panel of wpmu  and “SHUCKS”  . it just  kept giving some internal eror.

At this stage i was starting to lean towards the simple  buddy press plugin that  does a nice job of encouraging people to register with your site with its nice features like creating your  profiles, interacting  with each other on the blog ,  and  able to post to the blog as well ( though members cant start thier own blogs on the server like you can do with WPMU )


So with the internal eror problem appearing  i did a bit of google searching  and found out this file fix. Apparently  if you change the .htaccess file  to this it will work . Here is the link to the fix i got http://www.thepowerofk.com/blog/help/wpmu/wordpress-mu-htaccess-file-change/

This definitely fixed it and my blog was  appearing now . I think it was probably something to do with my wpmu being installed in  a sub directory other than the main blog  and the change in the htacess file 1st line as mentioned in the link above fixed it up.

The blog is working now  but it takes and awful lott of time for the subdomain blog to load up now ,,i have to figure out if its the server problem ( dre3amhost ) or then  a configuration problem that is lowing it down ..more in part 3.. 🙂

Part 1   Part 2 ( this one )  == Part 3 to come

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