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| August 12, 2014

There are 3 main steps in starting a blog  which i have given below and these are pretty much the basic things you will need to start a blog.  Nowdays many websites use the same blogging platform (wordpress)  for websites as well , because  with the features and design  available with  the wordpress blogging platform , you can easily make a blog look like a website and a website look like a blog.

WordPress is one of the most popular software that is used to run blogs on the internet  and for a very good reason , because its the most easiest  software to use for blogging or making a Website.

To start a blog , involves  the three things below

1. Getting a Domain name

2. Choosing the right hosting service for your blog

3.Choosing a professional design for your blog ( WordPress theme)

Step 1: Buying a domain name

Im not going to get into much detail with this step as its pretty straight forward, my favourite domain provider is godaddy so i i would recommend them, they are also one of the biggest domain name providers on the internet.

buy a domain or blog website name

All you need to do is go to the Godaddy website and search  for you domain name  by putting your choice of name in the search button  and see if its available , if its not try  your next preferred name  until you get one that’s available and buy it. Next step is hosting

Step 2: Blog Web Hosting

You’ Might have already heard the term “Web Hosting” used before. But what does it really mean ? And why is it hosting so important if you want to start a new blog or a personal website or even business website?

What is Web Hosting?

If you want to start a blog or a personal or business website you will need to find a reliable and easy to use web host. Preferably also a hosting company with good support. A web hosting company allows you to save your blogs or websites content like articles you have written , images , videos on its computers (or  servers) that are connected to the Internet by extremely high-speed connections. When someone visits your website or blog  they are actually viewing the files stored on the servers of you web hosting company.

best web hosting for blog and starting a website

What is the price of Web Hosting ?

There is a popular misconception that webhosting is  very expensive , which is untrue. Hosting costs for a small blog or website from a  good hosting provider can be as low as a  few dollars a month ( anywhere from $3  to $7 a month) – the cost of one coffee & muffin really! You can check out a detailed comparison of  Hosting plans for blog and websites over here

What’s the deal with  FREE Blog Hosting Services?

I know about free blog hosting services  as i started there , And i truly regret  having  taken a a free service . Firstly because a i lost one blog with all my content on the free blogger service  for a violation of some  policy, that i wasn’t even aware off  and i had content on that blog for three years and built up a massive following ,all gone just like that.

Its really – “You get what you pay for.” The other  factors is  you have limited monetization options if your blog really gets popular on a free blog service. With gettting a free blog from free services like wordpress  or blogger  or tumblr you will always have a long domain name like or something long . Not exactly easy to remember  and does not create much of an impact.. does it ?

But what’s even more worrying is that you don’t have much  control over a free blogging service and if  you want to move your blog to your own domain in a couple years, you’re going to have nothing but problems. Furthermore, free hosting services shut down all the time –  and if this happens to you , then you could possibly lose your entire site with little notice. Geocities from yahoo which  hosted over a million sites, is such an example where many bloggers were left stranded  after years of working and setting up a blog,  it shut down a couple years ago. Just something to be aware of  when you’re considering a free hosting service.

Which Web Host do you recommend?

I have used many different web hosts over my 10 +  years in blogging  and it still use  hosts like bluehost, Hostagtor , hostmonster  and godaddy for my various websites. It’s a tough job for even for experienced  web developers like me to choose a good web host. If you are stuck with a unreliable host  then  you can spend more time trying to get things fixed up all the time rather than just focusing on writing good content for your blog.

Identifying a good web hosting company is crucial task in getting your blog or website started.

I have been with many more hosting providers  than what I have mentioned above  and my choice is bluehost for a starter blog. They meet all the criteria for those who want to host a blog, a personal website, or even a small business website which is good uptime , easy to use ,  good support and supports most popular blogging platforms

BlueHost Hosting & even Godaddy  was our top choice for several reasons:

Here are the features that stand out and are essential for your blog-hosting company

    • Very Affordable – For only a few dollars a month, you can be guaranteed that your website or blog is hosted with a good web hosting company.


  • 1-Click WordPress Setup – Ease of use is definitely a good feature with 1 click set up your blog will be online in minutes. WordPress is one of the best and most  widely used website or blog platform on the Internet and you website-hosting company should support it. It’s an extremely easy to use method for publishing blogs and alos business websites (more details  about WordPress in my next section, ‘Step 3: Blog website Design‘ ).
  • Multiple Blog Hosting – Just purchase one hosting account  and have multiple blogs on them.They also provide a service to register your domain with hosting as a  deal if you wish to purchase both with them.
  • Unlimited Features –  Unlimited value plans as you can see below in their features Some of the main features include:
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Disk Space
    • Unlimited Domain Names hosted on one account
    • FREE Domain Name
    • Free Setup

I have been using both bluehost and Godaddy  for the last 6+ years now!

Disclosure: I believe in being up front, so we want to let you know that we receive compensation for some of the products we suggest. However, this is  an independent website and the opinions expressed here are my own.

→ Finally let’s Go to the last step before we start building your website

Step 3: Blog Web Design

As i said hosting is the most crucial part of  your blog becoming popular , domain buying i easy  and  getting a good webs design for your blog is even easier. By default  wordpress offers free themes  which is available  once you login into your blog.

However i would suggest investing in a good paid  theme if you really want o get the most out of your blog. Paid themes are always more robust and regularly updated  if it si needed with every wordpress update. They are providers that also have paid themes at a reasonable price so you don’t have to spend too much , elegant themes if one of them  and you get 80+ pro themes at the price of 1 theme. You can check out my review of  different wordpress themes providers <— over here

prices for solostream theme and membership options

Or you can just buy the theme that i use from solostream here which is little bit more pricey then elegant themes.

Now that the most important technical matters for setting up a blog has been covered, the only thing you need is “GOOD Interesting Content”  which will make you blog popular and well known.


Good luck!

And shoot me a question here on my blog if you need any help, i will be glad to help you out!
(Note: →  You will most certainly want to compare Web Hosting providers , as this is one of the ongoing cost for blogging  you will have to bear if you dont pay it annually   Read my article, Web Hosting – the best hosting comparison for Bloggers ! to get the right deal  that you can afford )Next explore Cheap domains

Dont start your new blog yet before you read  my more  detailed articles about  The best cheap  Domains , Compare  Hosting providers and review the best WordPress Themes 

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