Help .. My wordpress theme is not loading !!

| July 5, 2011

FOR every Blogger this is one nightmare that they really dread ( the blog getting broken  and inaccessible due to a buggy theme), the more experienced bloggers   surely would have  experienced this situation before , i suppose  and they are  quite adept at tackling this kinda situation.  So how do you fix this broken theme error?

My blog does not load

But for most bloggers like me  or the less technically challenged  we go to Google Search on autopilot when such a things happens, looking for a SOLUTION.

This did not happen to me for quite some time now  and then it happened again this week ,when i did a review of few of one  my blogs and changed some stuff or a theme . Godamm  knows why i venture to do this !! ( when everything was working)  but its a necessary evil  in the blogging game!!

wordpress blog broken not loading change theme

My wordpress theme is broken !! what do i do ?

I found  this nice looking word press theme that promised  a fast loading theme along with SEO inbuilt  and great features as well to match .. and i fell hook .line and sinker and uploaded it to wordpress theme folder. Guess what happens next !!

Yeh you know it !! some bloody eror that is too long to read and the  blog  is not loading up. Panic sets in… what do i do

What you will attempt  or ways to fix your broken blog  ?

Few options : Possibly this  :

  1. login to your hosting cpanel and try to reverse the update on wordpress in simple scripts or some area like that
  2. Try to gain access to your admin panel via wordpress in some  way ..but you cant ..because its F**ked ( try FTP)
  3. Try to find ways to change your  theme back to default via the hosting admin panel ( cpanel)  or then your Sql table under Php my admin in your hosting account or then via your ftp login to your word press files… still no luck.. daymm this !!!
Manually  change the wordpress themes due to blog not loading

There  is a simple way to get your blog back to working mode  ( or gain acess to the admin panel again ) if you have access via ftp to your wordpress files.

Take for example the bad theme you just changed was named “detox” . Go to  the theme folder ( via Ftp or cpanel) empty all the contents of your detox  theme folder  and move all the contents of  one of the default word press( classic or twenty ten or a good working theme) themes into that Detox folder. So you are tricking wordpress into loading detox when it actually is loading up twenty ten or whatever theme  that you moved there.

wordpress plugins  sheldon singh .com

This should  get your blog atleast up and running  and you should atleast be able to login back into your admin panel and change things again and delete that  screwed up word press theme that mucked up things for you!!

Here is another link i found that give you some tips on how to change the theme via my sql scripts in php admin i think.

Let me know if this was of any help  and do bookmark this post  for future reference  as i will be updating it with more tips.


Plugin erors in wordpress and blog not loading

Recently while upgrading wordpress after getting the above eror, i managed to stumble into yet another plugin eror that disabeled my blog again.

I got this eror continously while trying to load the blog  “#. Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_get_related_posts()” .  To cut things short , what worked for me was to just  ftp into  the wordpress installation, go to the plugin folders and delete the plugin and the blog is up  and working now.

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