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Whats new with wordpress 3.00 , WPMU and buddy press

THE GAME HAS CHANGED.  WITH THE RELEASE OF wordpress  3.0 my plan to install and work with WMPU and buddy press has been taken to a entirely new level.

If you have been following my blog , my previous posts ( Part 1 Part 2 ( this one )  == Part 3 to come ) you would know that i was posting my journey to get  WordPress multi sites installed on my blogs and also a review of wordpress and installation procedures and tips and advice.

With the release of wordpress 3.0 , the game has changed and now  wpmu is shipped with your wordpress installation allowing you to make your wordpress blog into a multi user blog without having to go through a separate process to get  multi user wordpress blog installed.

I will be dumping my  previous multi user blogs  to go through the installation of the New wordpress 3  and  WPMU blogs with the new wordpress 3.00. so follow me as  i  go through this journey once again.Hopefully this time it will be quick and with less bugs and technical  obstructions and problems.

wordpress 3.00 WPMU and Buddy press

Here are  the new features in wordpress 3.00

  • WordPress and WordPress MU have merged, allowing the management of multiple sites (called Multisite) from one WordPress installation.
  • New default theme “Twenty Ten” takes full advantage of the current features of WordPress.
  • New custom menu management feature, allows creation of custom menus combining posts, pages, categories, tags, and links for use in theme menus or widgets.
  • Custom header and background APIs.
  • Contextual help text accessed under the Help tab of every screen in the WordPress administration.
  • Ability to set the admin username and password during installation.
  • Bulk updating of themes with an automatic maintenance mode during the process.
  • Support for shortlinks.
  • Improved Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies including hierarchical (category-style) support. (Try the Custom Post Type UI or GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools plugins to see the possibilities.)
  • A lighter admin color scheme to increase accessibility and put the focus more squarely on your content.

and here is a nice breakdown of the new features that  wordpress 3.00 has at this blog here >> Nettutsplus blog and for the official wordpress 3.0 features and highlights page go here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Version_3.0

Installing multi sites (network ) Like WPMU on wordpress 3.00

In wordpress 3.00  the WPMU feature is called creating network

Create a Network

In WordPress 3.0, you now have the ability to create a network of sites. To enable the Network menu item, you must first define multisite in the wp-config.php file.

Open up wp-config.php and add this line above where it says /* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */:

define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);


  • Giving WordPress Its Own Directory will not work in WordPress 3.0 with multisite enabled. It interferes with the member blog lookup.
  • You cannot create a network in the following cases:
    • “WordPress address (URL)” is different from “Site address (URL)”
    • “WordPress address (URL)” is used IP address such as or port number other than ‘:80’, ‘:443’.
      • Use ‘localhost’ instead of ‘’, if on local computer.

(See wp-admin/network.php network_step1() for more detail)

check for more detqails here : http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network

Google sitemaps and wordpress 3.00 Multiuser blogs problem


Goggle sitemaps plugins does not seem to work with the multisite  installed as of now .. check this space for further news. I got this message when i activated wordpress 3.00  network ( or wpmu)

Google XML Sitemaps is not multisite compatible.

Unfortunately the Google XML Sitemaps plugin was not tested with the multisite feature of WordPress 3.0 yet. The plugin will not be active until you disable the multisite mode. Otherwise go to active plugins and deactivate the Google XML Sitemaps plugin to make this message disappear

Incidentally i did have a problem with the wp-config not saving in its original format after applying the multi user code . and tried another fix  i  copied the code into wp-config and just closed notepad and it asked me to save and i clicked yes ..instead of saving first ( it getting changed )and  then closing.. you will understand this better only if you also run into this problem

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